Thursday, August 20, 2009

Where have all the Gentleman gone??????

So I am a frequent user of the public transportation system and here in sunny Cali where I’m from they call the trains “Bart.” Today I did a rough estimate of the statistics for the Bart car I was in. In a car that seats roughly 64 people , there was 30-40 men, and 25-30 women there were 6 women standing to the 4 men I counted….. I was almost ran over by a man for the last seat in the car this morning, and I only seen 1 man actually get up and give his seat to a woman…… (Let’s give him a hand for breaking the mold)……………. In another non Bart related instance I went to the store and as I was walking up two men were walking out, as I opened the door and attempted to walk through Both of the men proceeded forward stopping me dead in my tracks and forcing me to step aside. I had to wait while they thanked me the women and both walked out of the store. After they exited I was able to then re-open the door for myself and proceed in …… This is atrocious really why should I have to wait for you? So that you can be ahead 1 more minute to start drinking that beer your holding….RIGHT !!!!!! Well at least they thanked me right? I am constantly appalled by the lack of Gentleman in the California Bay Area …… As a woman I wonder if this is the making of our continuous attempt for equality or if parents are just not teaching their boys what it means to be a gentleman? Is this a cultural thing because of different ethnic views of women or are we just simply not worth standing for, or holding the door open for us? I firmly believe that is the lack of these kind of small but important courtesies that are deeply effecting not only my country but the rest of the world……maybe if we had this baseline of reverence for our fellow humans then we can find a way to honor, respect, and treat each other like the human beings we all are ……… WHERE ARE THE GENTLEMEN????? Come out, Come out, where ever you are!!!!!!

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